Dr Wodarg calls for Council of Europe to investigate

By the ANH Team

It was 27th December last year that German medical doctor and parliamentarian, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, released his views about how the World Health Organization and the vaccine manufacturers may have been complicit in exaggerating the risks over the H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

View AlJazeera broadcast: ‘Drug firms made false H1N1 claims‘. 

Dr Wodarg has labelled the H1N1 outbreak as a ‘false pandemic’ and ‘one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century’. He’s called for a major investigation over the issue of ‘fake pandemics to be conducted by the Council of Europe.

Read Dr Wodarg’s interview for Danish ‘Information‘ in which he refers to the handling of the H1N1 outbreak as ‘one of the greatest medical scandals of the century’.

Dr Wodarg’s credentials, according to his website, are as follows: "Since 1998 he has been a Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, since 2002 Vice-Chairman of the Socialist Group, since 2006 speaker of the German Social Democrats and deputy head of the German delegation in Strasbourg. He is also the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health and a Member of the Political Affairs Committee and the former Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Education and Science of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe."

In short, he probably has a fairly good idea of what he’s talking about. 

Widely reported in the press

Dr Wodarg’s views have been widely reported in the press, including:

Not surprisingly, the WHO is not taking this lying down and today have said they are angry that Dr Wodarg and others are suggesting the pandemic was fake.

About the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe was founded in 1949, is based in Strasbourg, France, and has 47 member countries. It states on its ‘Who we are page that it  ‘seeks to develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the protection of individuals‘, so we are pleased to hear that an independent investigation is to be initiated into certain dubious  aspects of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) epidemic.

We, like many, have a huge sense that profit has been well and truly placed before protection of individuals from the very beginning of the Swine Flu saga.

Pharma influence within the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN body safeguarding public health, has been suspected and questioned widely, especially with each move by the WHO (in relation to the H1N1 pandemic) being so closely followed by so many. Dr Wodarg also finds it suspicious that WHO changed its definition of a pandemic on its homepage at the end of May last year.

So its no real surprise that this influence finally looks set to be challenged by a majority within the Health Committee of the Council of Europe.

We have recently highlighted findings about ‘conflicts of interest‘ within other regulatory bodies in whom we put our trust, and who are expected to be independent of industry interests. We are hugely concerned about pharma influence where there should be impartiality and independence, and we suspect that it is hugely influencing global regulatory and other assaults on natural health. This is deeply unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.

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