Inadequate and superficial reasoning" led to Professor John Walker-Smith being struck off

Could recent developments signal an upturn in fortunes for Andrew Wakefield, the UK gastroenterologist struck off by the General Medical Council (GMC) in 2010 after his research ignited controversy over the safety of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) combined vaccine?

GMC came to “wrong conclusions”

Professor John Walker-Smith had been one of the world’s most respected gastroenterologists, heading up the Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology at London’s prestigious Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine. After appearing as co-author on Andrew Wakefield’s case series, published – and since retracted – by The Lancet medical journal, however, he found himself mired in controversy. Close to retirement, Walker-Smith found himself hauled up in front of a GMC kangaroo court, found guilty of serious professional misconduct and struck off the medical register. All for publishing a case series – not even a full research paper – that merely observed the occurrence of intestinal problems (colitis) in 12 children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), while acknowledging that parents of nine of the children associated symptom onset with MMR vaccine exposure.

Now, following the usual extended legal process, Professor Walker-Smith has won his appeal against the GMC’s findings.  The appeal judge went beyond merely reversing Walker-Smith’s removal from the medical register by launching a withering attack on the GMC’s decision-making, describing it as, “Inadequate and superficial…and, in a number of instances, [reaching] a wrong conclusion”.

Now that someone found guilty of the same charge as Wakefield has been entirely exonerated, many are speculating that it can only be a matter of time before Wakefield, himself, is cleared.

Wakefield vs. Deer, Godlee and the BMJ

Meanwhile, Wakefield is seeking some measure of justice by bringing a legal case in Texas, USA, against his main accusers, journalist Brian Deer, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and its editor, Fiona Godlee. Wakefield is seeking to use the Texas Long-Arm Statute to bring the case, citing “false and defamatory” articles, editorials and subsequent publicity about Wakefield in the Lone Star State.

On the justice trail

Wakefield and his supporters have set up a legal defense fund that is accepting international donations – so you know what to do, people!  He is also becoming a darling of the USA ‘health freedom’ movement, and was recently interviewed by Robert Scott Bell at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California, alongside ANH-Intl’s Rob Verkerk.  Find Drs Wakefield and Verkerk’s interviews in the Natural News Radio archive, dated 6th and 5th March 2012, respectively.

Could 2012 be the year when Wakefield begins to clear his name – possibly turning the tide definitively against vaccine manufacturers and their media and professional accomplices?  We can only hope…

Call to action

  1. Contribute to Andrew Wakefield’s legal fund
  2. Read his book, Callous Disregard, and learn all about the MMR story from a perspective that the world’s media, vaccine industry and medical establishment have tried desperately to suppress

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