There has been a great deal researched and written about inflammation being the basis of chronic disease. What is less well publicised is how mitochondrial dysfunction is integral to the creation of many if not most diseases. It’s also a bit of a chicken and egg situation regarding what came first: inflammation or mitochondrial dysfunction?

Mitochondrial dysfunction may sound seriously sciency and not relevant to you, but here’s what you need to know:

  • Mitochondria are the tiny energy factories in your cells that produce usable energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules.
  • A disease state is the end of the line, way downstream. Before you reach that, there are a whole suite of unhealthy traits and symptoms to slow you down and stop you bringing your ‘A game’ to life.
  • Being tired all the time (TATT) is still a top reason that people visit their doctor. Tiredness is all about having insufficient energy to carry out your basal metabolic processes (running your body) and run your busy, modern life, whilst still having enough energy to love, laugh and enjoy life.
  • Tiredness without sufficient cause (e.g. a late night out) is your body’s way of waving the red flag letting you know something is wrong. Leave it unaddressed and the result will be damage to your very precious mitochondria.
  • Because our mitochondria contain remnants of bacterial ancestry, as well as their own DNA, damage and leakage of mitochondrial contents triggers the immune system, which leads to inflammation.
  • Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response. It’s a powerful, flexible evolutionary system, to protect against infection and repair damaged tissue.
  • Despite its crucial role in protecting the body, inflammation can also be inappropriate and “misplaced” leading to a wide range of chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, asthma, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Inflammation plays a leading role in the most common causes of death worldwide, including atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic obstructive lung disease.
  • Unresolved chronic inflammation will damage the mitochondria leading to the vicious cycle that march so many people steadfastly towards ill health, chronic and degenerative disease, reduced quality of life and early death.

If you knew that you could get your mitochondria back on track using simple, but quite specific, diet and lifestyle approaches, would you take action?

Mito & the mechanics: facts and fixes



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  1. NB – a duplication in the graphic may reinforce memory – but such a logistical extrapolation does not connect with practical everyday reality. Apart from a factoid – what is its primary significance?

    Have a look at Zach Bush’s ‘nitric oxide dump’ exercise. Is this not fitting in with regenerating mitochondria?
    Have a look at the effect of near infra red on the (water in the) blood and intra celluar voltage – is this not a significant facet?
    Perhaps there already is one – but the mind-mapping of bubbled information could be itself a graphical interface to trace interactions and biochemical pathways of biology that also interface with environmental factors and psychic emotional environmental factors. (They are only psychological when studied – and then always through the psychic emotional filters of the ‘student’ or scientist as bring forth psychic-eotional responses in the ‘studied’. So this is much more pervasive and fluctuating than any psychological model would suggest. We live in consciousness with the notion that we ‘have one’ or are the controller – (or our ‘brain’ is), yet amidst conditions of threat and limitation that become associated with external conditions rather than the definitional models of associated reaction – that generate the re-enactment of coded ‘reality’ experience. But I digress – and allow the digression because one of the most powerful healing modalities my be ‘awaiting discovery’ here. Note that fear-other-defences do the thing they purport to defend against. (Pharmageddon being an easy example for most reading here). Our attitude to life – and our development of subjective and inventive consciousness has been fear driven within a residual ‘fertility’ of love’s being.

    In considering health from its parts rather than as a wholeness in all its parts. Our model of parts, agencies and interactions is already an expression of our own ‘narrative identity’ – ie – a control model. We have no language for wholeness excepting to live it with each other. We have ‘forgotten’ the true of who we integrally are and yet are not completely lost from the stirring of the desire and willingness to remember. This may embody its unfolding through whatever structure or culture of abilities USED to serve a fear-driven ‘war on symptoms’. And so operates within our world as a broad spectrum Emergence – that ‘narrative control’ interprets as ‘EMERGENCY!’ The Herod syndrome is not ‘a’ wicked ruler killing babies – but the fear of loss of control to the believed destructive chaos of fragmentation – which was its birthing as a ‘survival complex’ under extreme threat and conflict.
    Humpty Dumpty is an apt symbol of a fragmented chaos over which the ‘king’ is invoked as the enforcer of a narrative continuity – that we identify in thought, as survival.

    But back from those detours into the energetic underpinning of our own split mind – I wanted to say that we generally have little sense of the proportionate level of toxity-ennervation threat or nutritive-energy gain of any of the information that comes up via mainstream (Too much inflammation?) – or other narratives of information (easily subverted to the old paradigm wine bottle thinking?). But at least alt news brings more sense of positive synergies of thought, behaviour and environment.

    Navigating the at times ‘chaotic’ information explosion is challenging on a number of levels and thus most give power and trust to ‘experts’ or perhaps to that which resonates with their wish that something be true or their extension of the expectation that people be free of bias or corruption as they wish to consider or present themselves.

    Self honesty is something ‘little herods’ feel unable to afford – excepting when it fits their filters to support what aligns with their sense of self. But we are each and all containing all of the archetypes of story in different mixes and forms – and so the embrace of and reintegration of rejected self, within wholeness of being – is the awakening within a truly unifying purpose. No part upon the rest can unify. Not even the “1%” under new world order. Only the awakening of the radiance and presence of love unifies – by recognizing and responding to true – rather than seeking and finding what is ‘wrong’ with everyone/everything so as to gain the role of judge or ‘corrector’ or indeed physician/healer.

    With all our faculties and abilities aligned within the ‘extension’ or natural radiance of wholeness, the ‘evils of the day thereof’ are brought to light – rather than sacrificing the light to the attempt to fix, overcome or heal them in the form and framing of their presentation.

    I associate gut bionome with the Mother – I also associate their ‘collective’ with a reflection or embodiment of our psychic-emotional balance and alignment in our life.
    The lie and the father of the lie – are a misidentification running as a (false) foundation. The lies are symptoms of the nature of their genesis; born in attempt to deny and overlay a mask (or fig leaves) over a feared and shamed ‘nakedness’.

    All facets of health shine upon all others. But the health of the masking personae is only supported while its serves the need of the developing consciousness. In this sense the breakdown of the ‘ego structure’ is not for another or a better ego to stamp its order – but as a rebirth in which to feel out and choose or accept what truly resonates and align in it. This is a ‘meekness to Spirit’ or purpose that truly inherits the Earth – not as a prodigal runaway ‘inheritance to burn up’ but as on ongoing recognition and appreciation for being.

    The ‘persecution’ or resistance and opposition to the emergence of the renewed alignment in well being (personal and cultural) is the condition in which the necessary focus and receptivity is acquired. Or to put in in reverse – is the release of the conditioned mind (or belief of auto-reaction) for a conscious discernment. Whereas judgement tends to separative and rejecting segregation – discernment is a receptivity to the movement of being – to the movement within being that is the arising of awareness to its object of affection. Or indeed to its objection to affliction. But if the latter seems to be obstructive to joy in living – attend to the former so as to re-member the meaning you give and receive.

    PS: Do I write into a limited or even lack of attention? Or do I write into the unified willingness that of course moves me! Does communication have to be packeted and set off down ‘pathways’ in search of attention? Or is the basis of telempathy the synchronicity of a ‘wave’ of opening insight, understanding, and the energy of practical support meeting practical embodiment?
    As a movement grows clearer in its focus, it attracts and aligns a clearer embodiment or reflection. (In which residual dissonance now ‘shouts’ or stands revealed as out of true to the fulfilment of the shared focus).

    1. Hi Brian, the duplication was something I missed and has now been amended!

      Thank you for your spotting and interesting musings – definitely something to think about


  2. I’ve been trying to go it alone for years, searching for help on the internet as no help was to be had from GPs bar the offering of ‘Mood enhancers’ and pain killers. Yes I and many in my family would take action if there was clear guidance

  3. Could we have an interpretation/translation of Brian Steer’s (9/11 /17)

    erudite/philosophical/psychological/ spiritual analysis of how we can help ourselves, with something more plainly expressed, that could help a mere mortal like me. I can tell he is saying something important on attitudes and brain activity etc. but it’s mostly Dutch to me. Perhaps Brian, you could translate your article into a more understandable language. What you have written could be very useful and more of us could benefit. How about it?

    1. Thankyou S. Bellido.
      I realize that the intent to sketch out felt or intuited qualities of relationship can seem crystal clear to me in the act – and then need re-reading to make its more coherent and readable to anyone else.
      In some sense I risk ‘unintelligibility’ in ‘painting’ or giving form to insight – which is firstly a qualitative recognition and not a personal act. Listening BEFORE the mind reacts is a quality of inner undefended trust that I feel as ‘original nature’. But letting the mind serve to give form of expression to a felt life, is in itself a ‘reconfiguring’ of the mind as an instrument rather than in ‘define, predict and control’ of its narrative reality – that we tend to suffer as if true by our own investment in it.

      So I apologize for my own liability in engaging this endeavour without fully re-reading and checking the whole before posting. But I also trust that establishing the pathways within myself is by practice, or living it – and that the nature of this grows, expands and becomes more integrated in its expression – in its own timing.

      Most everything I write into the attention of a shared willingness is seeking to give articulation to foundation in wholeness of being – as an illumination and freeing from core definitions and beliefs that – in a sense – operate blindly because our own thinking is predicated upon them.

      A key recognition is waking or shifting from a conceptually framed ‘identity construct’ to a present appreciation. If any such moment stirs us – then an energetic communication IS shared. The form it takes is not its meaning – but will serve the reintegration of the our sense of self and life to a truly meaningful appreciation.

      I have re-edited the post above and will repost it. While you may not ‘understand’, You are the recognizer of how you limit or filter or deny your own help-met, and thus you are the freedom to release what does not now serve who you recognize yourself to be.

      If I spoke in terms of what you ‘already know’ (presume), it would serve no other result than you already have. Specific questions attune a response in like kind.
      ‘Mere mortality’ can be used as a framework to hide in – but what could it hide, or what could it hide from? Is the human condition – as generally accepted – the human conditioning?

      Questioning our predicate beliefs is different than living from them as the ‘self-evident reality’ that we have adapted to operating under. I feel such ‘reality’ is in any case ‘disintegrating’ as a narrative identity, and this uncovers a true need to know – a deeper self-honesty and an awakening self-responsibility, as idols or indeed conceptual models, fall.

      So what seems philosophical/psychological/spiritual is a framing of information that can pigeon-hole and segregate. Whereas tuning into (noticing and appreciating) what is resonant to your current need to know, or love of true – is in a sense irrespective of its packaging or delivery system.

      Systems of assigned meanings are like a shorthand that becomes used without reference to the original and become a basis for further disconnected meanings to likewise cover over in ‘new’ developments of greater dissociation from true relation. Redeeming the currency of our thought, word and therefore deed, is parallel to regaining a currency in true worth.

      Taking a sense of worth ‘against’ a perceived or believed evil, enemy or bogeyman is the ‘action-reaction’ of unfaced and un-owned feelings of self lack, that blocks life-energy by attempts to survive under a sense of deprivation, denial, lack and attack. The ‘defence budget’ of our psychic physic and microbiological ‘economy’ is killing us.

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