Our adult and children Food4Health plates, just updated in September 2016, have received very positive responses, especially from practitioners, and are a valuable resource for nutrition practices. They are available as downloads, and you may use the content as you like provided that you always clearly attribute it to Alliance for Natural Health International, including the date and a link to the original content. They are backed up by supporting articles and scientific references.

Food4Health Plate  2016 (for adults)



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Food4Kids Guidelines 2016 (for children)


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Carb Junkie vs metabolically flexible, fat-adapted and resilient human
 poster (for clients/patients)

Our new poster “Carb Junkie vs metabolically flexible, fat-adapted and resilient human” has been designed to help practitioners to help clients or patients make better use of the 4 energy pathways available to them if they are to develop metabolic flexibility and resilience – keys, of course, to long-term health and wellness.


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Articles relating to the Food4Health Plate:


Revised Food4Health guidelines to be launched at CAMexpo


ANH-Intl Feature: Re-thinking your food choices for 2015


ANH-Intl Feature: Re-thinking what our kids are eating


ANH-Intl Feature: Fuel efficiency and the Food4Health Plate


ANH-Intl’s four plate shoot-out


Cows’ milk – food of the Gods or driver of modern disease?


Milk – the good, the bad and the not for everyone!

Selected references supporting the ANH-Intl Food4Health Guidelines


Food4Health Plate Package Price List: Promote your business, inform your clients, and support ANH International all at the same time!

Food4Health Plate Package List

Practitioners who have visited us at trade shows and CAM Conferences will have seen and been given a copy of our ANH-Intl’s Food4Health ‘4 Plate shoot-out’ glossy colour brochure. These are available to buy in bulk rebranded with your very own clinic logo on the front. The prices include preparing artwork, printing and delivery in GBP):

x100 leaflets          £70
x150 leaflets          £85
x200 leaflets         £100
x250 leaflets         £120

To order, please contact Melissa Smith, our ANH outreach and communication officer: melissa@anhinternational.org. For delivery outside the UK we will charge postage and packaging at cost.

We are a donation funded, not-for-profit organisation, and our work aims to keep you in practice. Buying a Food4Health Plate brochure package provides a helpful contribution to our work. We know practitioners with or without their own practices are trying to make a living, but we would be most grateful to any who are able to make  a one-off or regular small donation. It’s simple to do if you click here or click on the ‘donate’ button at the top of every webpage on this site. Another way you can help us is to tell others about our work. Thank you.