A few hours ago, Robert De Niro discussed the documentary movie Vaxxed in a live interview on the Today show in the USA. The controversial documentary was axed from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival that the Academy award winning actor and parent of an autistic son jointly founded following an online uproar.

It seems the words attributed to De Niro after the film was pulled from Tribeca, “We do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for,” were not his own. Evidence of external influences have been mooted.

De Niro admits on the Today show to not being happy that Vaxxed was pulled and he now implores people to see the film. When his interviewers asked him about the apparent scientific consensus that there was no link between autism and MMR, he responded saying “it’s more complicated”. We would agree. It’s a lot more complicated.

Watch Robert De Niro on Today show, 13 April 2016

Predictable criticism

Press reports are already rolling in criticising De Niro for his seemingly renewed support for Vaxxed. Most of these reports use Andrew Wakefield as the punch bag.

Entertainment Weekly, for example, states: “The doc was directed by Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor who erroneously claimed vaccines caused autism and was later stripped of his medical license. His findings were first published in British medical journal The Lancet in 1998, but were later proven false and discredited.

Sadly, this oft-quoted view is both misleading and incorrect. The findings of Wakefield and his 13 co-authors that autism and associated gastrointestinal symptoms were associated with MMR vaccination in some children was not the finding of the scientists. These findings were instead the reported observations of the parents of 8 out of 12 of the children studied. These reported observations have never been proven false or discredited.

Investigative writer, sociologist and health advocate, Martin Walker, has written the most comprehensive accounts of what actually happened to Wakefield and two other doctors when they were put on trial by a ‘fitness to practise’ disciplinary panel of the General Medical Council (GMC). Walker’s understanding comes from the his attendance of every day of the GMC hearing over its 3 year duration. The GMC revoked both Wakefield’s and Prof John Walker-Smith’s licenses. Prof Walker-Smith won a subsequent appeal against the GMC and retained his medical license. The other doctor, Prof Simon Murch, was cleared by the GMC.

Before you buy the idea that Wakefield was discredited or disgraced, as widely communicated by the world’s media, we implore you to read Martin Walker’s summary and other articles. You may also wish to learn more about Brian Deer and GMC conflicts of interest. Deer was the Sunday Times journalist who, in 2004, kicked off the complaint that started Andy Wakefield’s torrid journey with the GMC.

All of this background will likely help you be in a better position to understand why Robert De Niro chose to speak out. He’s bothered to investigate – possibly motivated, as De Niro himself alludes in the Today interview, by his wife’s recollection that their son changed overnight after being vaccinated. Let’s hope De Niro has even a fraction of the staying power of Andrew Wakefield. The pressure on him will be intense.

Show your support via social media

Please show your support via twitter or other social media. Relevant Twitter addresses include those for Robert de Niro at @NewYorkTribeca, Andrew Wakefield at @DrWakefield and the producers, Del Bigtree @delbigtree and Polly Tommey @PollyTommey, the latter being Founder of Autism Trust UK/USA, Editor In Chief of Autism File magazine and Director of Autism Media Channel.

Andrew and Polly have been in the trenches with this issue for years, but De Niro and Bigtree will be less used to the massive attacks that they will endure simply for holding a position that is not in line with some of the most powerful and corrupt forces responsible for the overuse, misuse and unnecessary use of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

An example tweet you could post on your twitter wall is as follows (please edit as you wish):

Grateful for stand on free speech made by De Niro and makers of #Vaxxed @NewYorkTribeca @DrWakefield @delbigtree @PollyTommey #MMRAutism

Alternatively, you can go onto their respective Twitter pages and tweet each individually. If you support them, let them know – it will make a difference.


  1. Every single parent taking care of autistic child, must feel the deep tragedy of a suffering body, a situation which affects both sides, something for which I feel deeply sorry about. And so must feel every doctor, who tries to help, like Dr. Wakefield, who collaborated with Dr. J.J. Bradstreet (died of ‘suicide’ in 2015), both great autism specialists. There is no more truth about autism, than in the knowledge of these specialists, who observe with feelings and who act, in particular who can heal autism, like Dr. Bradstreet did and who payed the highest price for it, his life (in my opinion), or Dr. Wakefiled, who is buried ‘alive’. With substances, like GcMAF, which seems to be the ‘tip’ of prosecution and confiscation, one can heal not only autism, but also cancer, and many other diseases. Many ‘natural’ ways of healing, were and are, simply ‘censored’, “The Truth about Cancer’ by Ty Bollinger is showing how that works, right now, for free (at https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/agq/episode-2/). I feel very pity for R.de Niro’s family and have to add, so many are ‘blinded’ by the MD’s (CA is right now not only blinded, it became NAZI camp with forced vaccinations), in particular since every single vaccine comes with ‘safety data sheet’ which explains right there the side effects, which can include death! Placebo for safety of certain vaccinations (from CDC web) include ALUMINUM, adjuvant accompanying the live/dead viruses within the vaccination(in addition to other extremely toxic and carcinogenic substances). BUT aluminum on its own is also the NEUROTOXIN, thus comparing a damage(aluminum=placebo) with possibly larger damage(aluminum+virus), one cancels any ‘unsafe’ effects! Hope Mr. de Niro will find the truth, which was buried with the cancellation of VAXXED, for now. Sometimes it is better not to have any friends and to act on its own within the first impulse..

  2. Hi our society is impregnated with the world leading religion = vaccinism as Mammon is the one and only God!
    Please read Peter Goetzsche, Deadly medicines and organised crime and Deadly psychiatry and organised denial
    He is the most educated and scilled in the profession of clinical trials at the Cochrane Institute in Copenhagen Dennark
    To understand Vaccinism you must understand the general fraud business Big Pharma represents
    Their embassadors in white coats are called Drug whores or Silverbacks!
    There has been many settlements between US Justice Department and Pharma! Just read! No one has been imprisoned. They are just paying coffer money as some billion dollars and continue repeating the fraud!
    It is a shame our authorities and civil servants cooperate with these criminals

    They are supported by the main stream population not understanding the Big Sting!


    Lennart Cedgard MD Sweden

  3. Quite apart from the very real danger of autism, vaccines compromise the immune system, which is bad news. To survive in this world, we need to strengthen our immune systems in every way possible. Andrew Wakefield has been persecuted, just as many others who spoke the truth (about vaccines, the cancer industry, natural medicine etc.) have been persecuted over the past 85 years, going back to Otto Warburg in the 1930’s, and followed by Rife, Rene Caisse, Ed Griffin, Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Gonzalez (to name but a few). We’re right behind you Robert DeNiro. Thank you for your determination and courage.

  4. I’m aware of Dr. Wakefield–what a hero! And so are you for speaking out. Thank you for doing that. I go to a chiropractic wellness clinic and have taken wellness courses that say the same thing: vaccines can lead to autism because of the mercury in them. And these statements in the films are based on research, but not from Big Pharma of course.

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