We all love a good read at ANH-Intl, particularly when it’s a new healthy eating plan that makes sense nutritionally and is likely to have wide appeal. And especially when it’s thoughtfully and clearly presented, very easy to follow and brings to the dining table elements other than just nutrition. Enter, Nourish & Glow: The 10-Day Plan, the brand new book by acclaimed British nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer (FdSc, DipION, mBANT). We’re thrilled, with Amelia’s permission, complete with a personal video message, to bring you this exclusive, just 2 days ahead of the official launch by Penguin UK.

We’ve long championed healthy eating through our Food4Health campaign. Like Amelia, we’re also firm believers that food should be a pleasure, not a pain. Food may be fuel, but it’s also information that informs gene expression and helps manage countless metabolic pathways. Much to the chagrin of the drug companies, food is the most powerful medicine on the planet when it’s used to nourish, rather than harm.

About the author and her mission

Last week we met with Amelia in preparation for this exclusive. This is her third literary offering, sharing her love of food and health in her Nourish & Glow series.  Having established herself as the go-to Nutritional Therapist for celebs like Victoria Beckham, Boy George, Sam Smith, James Corden and Kirstie Allsop, Amelia’s secrets to achieving optimal health and natural weight management are now available to us all — in print form. Amelia’s approach stands out from many others given its common sense approach, the fact that it’s underpinned by solid science and clinical practice, and — the best bit? It’s oh-so simple!

Amelia’s first book gentled us in to Eat. Nourish. Glow. She then taught us how to Cook. Nourish. Glow. And now we can all Nourish & Glow just by following her simple 10-day plan in her latest book!

It’s due out on Thursday 23rd March (just in time for Mother’s Day!), but Amelia’s given us a pre-launch copy, and an exclusive interview so that we can give you a sneak preview prior to launch!

The new book introduces the concept of ‘Positive Nutrition’ — the flip side to the world of guilt, angst and negativity that some feel around food. Once you’ve successfully reframed your view on food, you’re ready to embark on her 10-day plan, putting your newly garnered theory into practice whilst Amelia holds your hand all the way.

Rather than being a one size fits all approach, Amelia encourages you, the reader, to change the foods that you don’t like in the plan and adapt it to fit your needs, likes and lifestyle. This book constitutes a ‘guide’ and not a set of rules, that allows you to take control. It also moves the reader away from the notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food, whilst embedding long-lasting lifestyle changes.

The word ‘diet’ has become synonymous with short-term deprivation that involves eating in ways that often promote even more negative relationships with food. Diets are also often driven by desperation and less positive mental and emotional attitudes. Hence, they are often short-lived and despite any benefits for health and weight management, the dieters all too often return to old habits as soon as they stop. Nourish & Glow: The 10-Day Plan is refreshingly different in its approach, taking the reader through a reframing process in an effort to change both the reader’s mindset and his or her relationship with food. This new way of life is positive, healthy, healing, nourishing and sustainable. That ticks most of the boxes, no?

Inner wisdom

Walking through the book we find:

‘How We Think about What We Eat’ – an exploration of our relationship with food, how we use it as both reward and punishment with the aim of helping us to become more mindful and relaxed in this relationship. Amelia takes time to remind us that we often don’t eat alone and to consider how we can support our journey to a healthier lifestyle by thinking about the other people in our lives and how our interactions with them can be positive or negative. She also offers practical tips and ideas on how to improve and change the way we view and interact with food.

‘Building the Foundations’ – examines the foundation to our desired changes. Knowing the why behind the desire means that we’re far more likely to succeed. Here Amelia once again takes the reader by the hand and acts as gentle guide whilst we set goals and take our first steps towards the desired changes identified earlier. It’s here that she provides information about elimination diets, their pro’s and con’s, how they work and the different types of elimination diet.

Positive Nutrition – (one of our favourite themes running through this book) introduces the Positive Nutrition Pyramid (based on a traditional Mediterranean diet), to create a daily checklist that’s all about optimal health. It’s about fuelling with nutrient-dense wholefoods that nourish and nurture rather than starve and deprive or harm. Amelia also reminds us about portion sizes in the form of any easy to understand guide.

The 10-Day Plan

Amelia now takes everything she has taught her reader in the preceding chapters and puts it all together in a step by step guide that covers everything, from planning to shopping to prepping, cooking, using leftovers and even….eating. Uniquely, the start of each day of recipes includes photographs of the meals laid side-by-side so you have a benchmark for appropriate portion sizes. Amelia also includes daily Mindful Moments to encourage you on your journey.

The book ends by answering a series of questions that you may not have thought of, as well as offering some tough love for those who may have struggled with parts of the plan.

All in all, this is a thoughtful and empowering book where Amelia supports you through the process of changing your lifestyle and eating habits so you can start (and continue) your journey towards a more healthful, happy, future.

In our view, Nourish & Glow: The 10-day Plan is an excellent resource for both practitioners and the health-conscious members of the lay public alike. It’s packed full of practical, instantly useful information and will look beautiful on the bookshelf or gracing your kitchen bench alongside all those nourishing foods.


About the book

Author: Amelia Freer
Nourish & Glow: the 10-Day Plan
to help you lose weight, feel great and kick-start a lifetime of healthy eating.
Published 23rd March 2017
Publisher: Penguin UK
336 Pages
191mm x 231mm x 27mm

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  1. …(based on a traditional Mediterranean diet),? In Italy they traditionally cook with goose fat, lard or butter depending on the region; in Greece they eat high sat-fat feta cheese daily; in Spain and Portugal they consume huge amounts of fatty beef and pork, and plenty of eggs; in France they cook with butter and cream, and eat much full fat cheese. (There is no French paradox that states that because the French drink red wine, high in resveratrol, they have little heart disease, because dietary cholesterol does NOT cause higher blood cholesterol NOR arterial narrowing in the first place).
    Note. Olive and olive oil are high in 3 allergens, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid, and gallic acid which respectively inflame the pituitary, hypothalamus and pancreas, The inflamed parts degrade, their parts circulate and join up to form the cancer nucleus. That nucleus needed, with a few other factors to start and fuel all malignancies. Clark H R PhD ND 2007.

  2. ..Amelia also reminds us about portion sizes in the form of any easy to understand guide. Why portion sizes? Is she perpetuating the ‘calories count’ myth? In 1970s Drs. Robert Atkins, MD. and Richard Passwater, PhD. and the authors of the newly published physiology textbook for Med. Unis. Human Physiology, Vander, MD. and Sherman and Luciano PhDs. exposed the faulty calories (and cholesterol) theories. From them we learnt that.. it’s the carbs that fatten not fats, so calorie counting and portion size is meaningless. Digested carbs 1st top-up muscle and liver glycogen, stored sugar. The rest is rapidly converted to bodyfat in the cells’ mitochondria via the Krebs cycle. Digested fat only slowly converts to useable energy molecules in the liver. Fructose converts directly to body-fat in the liver, HFCS massively accelerates this pathway. The pathways to obesity of MSG and Aspartame have been identified!

    There also exist various homeostasis mechanisms that show calorie counting is meaningless. These mechanisms speed or slow metabolic rate, MR, depending on what, when and how much is eaten. One such mechanism, thermogenic effect is bone structure dependent, where a light-boned ‘ectomorph’ can quaff down a half gallon of heavily sugared, high HFCS ice-cream and.. weighs the same next day. They have an inherent rapid MR rate rise after such a meal. A heavy-boned endomorph gains fat on a slice of apple pie with their very low inherent MR rise.

    Eating low-fat creates 3 problems. Low fat meals speed stomach emptying by 100%, as fats need longer to digest. That leaves the dieter hungry soon after a meal, then they eat.. more carbs. Artery-protective nutrients in all high fat foods are lost resulting in accelerated heart disease and stroke. A low fat diet causes unused bile salts, (these needed to digest fat), to crystallize-out in the gall bladder. This forms very sharp, extemely painful ‘stones’ that need surgical gall bladder removal. 600K in the US have had their gall bladders removed from following low-cal diets!

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