Governments around the world are mandating vaccination despite increasing evidence of the harm it causes. June 3rd 2017 marks International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day, an initiative of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV).

Events are being staged around the world as organisers call on people to light a virtual candle to show their support for those injured by vaccines. Many might want to light a real candle too.

In 2011, the US Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” whilst the World Health Organization (WHO) statesThere is no such thing as a “perfect” vaccine which protects everyone who receives it AND is entirely safe for everyone.”

As our gesture to International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day, we’ve put together a collage of information that stresses how important it is for parents especially to be made much more aware of the risks associated with vaccination prior to them giving consent to have their children vaccinated.

A message from Anna Watson of European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance


Suspected adverse reactions to vaccination (2005-2015) in the UK (data from UK medicines regulator [MHRA] following freedom of information request)

Source: The Independent newspaper, 30 May 2015


Informed consent is a fundamental principle of healthcare – Did you give informed consent to your children’s vaccinations?
In health careinformed consent refers to the process whereby the patient and the healthcare practitioner engage in a dialogue about a proposed medical treatment’s nature, consequences, harms, benefits, risks, and alternatives.

Did you engage in dialogue with your healthcare practitioner?
Did you receive information on possible risks?
Were you shown the vaccine pack insert that details the possible side effects?
Did you give Informed Consent?


If vaccines are safe why do Governments pay out for vaccine injury?

Vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for vaccine injuries!




Measles or vaccination – which is more risky?


Based on US morbidity and mortality data (2010-2016)
Adverse events MMR 2000-2016 = 64,682



Making informed choices on vaccination: Natural immunity and judicious vaccination strategies


Please consider signing our petition to:  Stop health authorities claiming that vaccines are ‘safe’




  1. Everyone should purchase a copy of the series, “Vaccines Revealed” this wonderful series exposes all the unethical strategies employed by this industry.
    Dr Andrew Wakefield must be given a knighthood for his excellent work on the MMR vaccine – Thank you Dr Wakefield !

  2. Will health authorities please recognise/ admit the evidence based connections between vaccinations and injury or death particularly in the young. The evidence is clear and there to be looked at and acted on.

  3. Informed consent is non-negotiable. Even in my role as a nutritional therapist, I am insured against any possible ill-effects a client of mine may experience from my recommendations. That governments, not drug companies, payout for adverse reactions to vaccines and said companies are not held liable is abominable and a waste of tax-payers’ money.

  4. First off there is no science that shows that vaccines are safe. Looking at the ingredients already makes you feel ill. Let alone the fact court cases have proven harm they are not safe in themselves nor the right solution in health care.
    That governments want to mandate and take away informed consent removes our democrated rights all together. Why, why, why is there such a veroscity to force these vaccines on everyone. Could business with no regard to health and wellness be one of the big reasons. We know so! The history of governments working with chemical and pharmaceutical companies is notorious!!! Why should we believe or be governed by people that do harm and support wars like the Nazi regime and most other war activities. All documented. Follow the dots and they always lead you to the true criminal.

  5. Leaflets should be distributed to all pregnant mothers and to all parents .
    This is urgent.
    Vaccins should not be administrated if the parents have not read the lists of possible side effects, and I mean long term side effects and signed a paper.
    This is indeed very urgent.

  6. Hi

    Please can you provide the raw data for the chart entitled ‘measles or MMR which is most risky?’

    You link to the raw data for cases of measles and deaths from measles, but for the stats on MMR adverse reactions and deaths you only say the CDC without linking to the raw data. I’ve looked on the CDC website and can’t find this information so would be grateful for your help. Thanks, Amy

    1. Hello Amy, thank you for checking the figures on the chart entitled ‘measles or MMR which is most risky?’. I’m afraid I got some data mixed up and the infographic was incorrect in that the data for measles cases was too high and the data for ADRs was for 2000-2016. This has now been corrected and a new infographic uploaded to the article to reflect the changes.

      The data for adverse reactions and deaths was sourced from . Reports for all vaccines including measles, mumps and rubella were included.The following search criteria were used:

      Group results by: vaccine
      State/Territory: All locations
      Date report completed Jan 2010 – Dec 2016

      The data for vaccine deaths was also sourced from the VAERS database with the following search criteria:
      Group result by: vaccine
      Event Category: Death
      Date report completed Jan 2010 – Dec 2016

      I hope this answers your question.

      Warm Regards

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