EU should block Bayer/Monsanto merger

A new study from University College London has said the proposed merger between Bayer and Monsanto should not be allowed under EU competition law. The authors conclude that the merger would reduce competition, raise prices and farmer dependency on the company’s products, stifle the growth of alternative businesses and that the proposal to sell assets will not help. The report says that, “this merger is about control of the global food value chains as well as of the direction of the innovative effort in this industry in the next few decades”.

Education not new processed foods

In an initiative designed to tackle childhood obesity the Welsh Government and Innovate UK have given funding to four Welsh companies to develop food and drinks for children that are lower in salt, sugar and saturated fat. They also aim to provide foods with increased levels of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Childhood obesity is a global issue and one that governments around the world should be tackling through education on healthy eating based on whole nutrient dense foods, not processed, manufactured foods. The ANH-Intl Food4Health guidelines give advice on how to use food to combat the risk of chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight and metabolism.

Government responds to petition on NHS homeopathy

As more and more NHS organisations look to reduce their costs by stopping funding treatments such as homeopathy, the UK Government has responded to a petition calling for homeopathic medicine to remain available to patients, despite a three-month public consultation that’s still underway. The statement acknowledges the role complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments can have, but states, “The Department of Health supports an approach to evidence-based prescribing […]. We are not aware of any evidence that demonstrates the therapeutic effectiveness of homeopathic products.” This is fundamentally incorrect, as there are 5 systematic reviews that provide evidence of the beneficial effects of homeopathy. Added to which is the bold statement from the Swiss Government in 2012 declaring that homeopathy both works and is considerably more cost effective than conventional medicine. There is still time to sign the petition and have your say in the consultation if you believe homeopathy should stay available on the NHS.

 ‘New’ Monsanto herbicide kills all before it

Even before a new version of the herbicide Dicamba became available, Monsanto was selling seeds engineered to be resistant to the herbicide. However, because the reformulated product was not available farmers used an older, more volatile version, that is far more likely to drift, damaging and destroying all that stands before it — apart from the genetically engineered soy and cotton crops! It is estimated that more than 3 million acres of other crops were damaged when the herbicide drifted away from its target fields. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency  has reached an agreement with Monsanto, BASF and DuPont on measures to reduce the problem with drift. Whilst this may reduce the problem, it doesn’t actually deal with the overuse of both pesticides and herbicides, which is leading to increasing problems of resistant weeds and insects, as well as the potential adverse health impacts on humans.


  1. Similar to 38 degrees & Avaaz successful pressure groups, could anhint. not have a similar pressure group where Individuals could sign?These signatures could then be presented to appropriate bodies to put a stop/break to this flagrant disregard to the public’s health & wellbeing. Otherwise I think these corporations will just continue to steam roll over the populations as they please pretty much unchallenged.

    1. Hello Susan, thanks for taking the time to comment. We would love to be able to work in a similar way to 38 degrees and Avaaz, however are a very small team dealing with very large issues. We will continue to share information and challenge authorities, using petitions and other tools available where we can so people can support our work.

      Warm Regards

  2. (Admissible) evidence based medicine is defined and regulated by a ‘priesthood’ masking as science. The terms health care is intended to weaken health – so as to induce and encourage dependency and regulatory ‘guidance’.

    Health(y) choices are wholeness choices – or the choices that align us best in vitality and wholeness of full function.

    I feel that the ‘small team dealing with very large issues’ can address a lot of root cause by bringing more consciousness to the use of language in defining and framing life as sickness requiring toxic or injurious intervention – as a matter of course.

    Applied in Law, ‘official’ Media and education, this regulates thought and behaviour to operate corporately lucrative theories as fact while regulating against any challenge as ‘unfounded or false science’. The accuser attacks their own sins in the other – and at the higher levels strategically so.

    Every word spoken or written can be a witnessing to wholeness instead of subscribing under false pretences.

    Sickness masquerades as health-protection. Any study of sickness needs to be from a perspective in health. Health needs witnessing in its own terms – and finding its own language. Deceit is a psychic-emotional strategy of defended self-interest. It is also the nature of the ruse by which the reaction of defence is triggered to operate identity theft. So regardless WHO is operating the agency of any deceit – our responsibility in health is to discern the truth or lack of truth of what is presenting or appearing as events and information. Everything is interpreted through the filter of the mind – and every mind has the ability to distort and filter to support or protect invested self interest. The ‘post-truth’ politics is simply the dark arts of perceptual manipulation and is nothing ‘new’ – but is all that is left to a model of reality, world and medicine that lacks substance and must forcefully direct and manipulate the narrative to abort the emergence of a fresh perspective.

    Persisting within the framing of falsely framed language is a mind still asleep to being in a sense ‘hacked’. Redeeming our word, our consciously accepted definition, as an extension of true worth, is not at all the same as rebranding or any other manipulative attempt to persist what cannot work in a form that pretends to have changed.

    The recognition of the power of the ‘word’ is the release from struggling for the power of the sword. What is called for is recognition that aligns true – and not mind-capture to fuel or support a revenue stream, or a political movement.

    The way to lose health is the attempt to use it as a weapon. But the undoing of conflict and division is the way of releasing the obstructions to wholeness of being, for health is not the result of removing sickness, so much as revealed and accepted when sickness is no longer invested in.

    The investment in sickness is evident in any communication that brings that identity into question. There are levels of denial or guilted fears operating our consciousness of which we are largely unaware, and seek to hide or keep hidden – because we have no perspective on them and are thus predicated to think on their terms.
    Corrupt or self-serving corporate and state-control agenda illuminate these pathways by using them to gain ‘power’. Deceits have to be unseen to be effective and so vigilance against deceit is the nature of restoring health – personally and collectively.

    Deceits that are born of and operated under a lack of conscious awareness are not personally intentional in harming – but have an origin in mitigating and protecting a personal sense of self under intolerable conflict. Forgiveness truly releases self-conflict to a quality of connection and honesty that extends to a true recognition of another.

    Any blame-framing serves the denial of awakening responsibility as a living change.

    Ok – I had a willingness to give witness here.

    Thanks for the work you do – and for a comment box!
    When we consciously communicate – we are also ‘listening’ and learning as we speak or write – and so any relationship of communication that achieves true listening and speaking is a ‘healing’ step. No more than this are we ever called upon to accept and extend.

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