Global trends that affect how people choose to manage their health are increasingly driven by seemingly opposing forces. On one hand you’ve got ‘consensus’ science that could just as easily – and often more accurately – be referred to as ‘conspiracy science’. Then you’ve got influencers. These individuals may or may not have truckloads of ‘evidence’ to back their views. They may be avid health bloggers who have incredibly healthy bodies or a special way with words. They may be super-athletes who can do things most of us can only dream about. They may be busy parents with hectic lives, who’ve found interesting ways of keeping themselves and their families healthy. They are also sometimes sick people with rare diseases who believe they’ve been saved by a particular experimental drug.

Enter Milton Packer MD, presently Distinguished Scholar in Cardiovascular Science at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. In anyone’s book he’s a top-level cardiologist and clinical researcher. Heart failure protocols in the Western world have been built around ones that he’s developed and tested through large multi-centre trials. He’s no stranger to drugs either, being, for example, a firm advocate of ARNi drugs for heart failure.

Milton Packer MD, distinguished clinical researcher in cardiology
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So when Milton Packer – who’s definitely an influencer – decides to speak out, and, more importantly, speak out negatively about Big Pharma, it’s rightly news. Of course, it won’t make Big News, because that’s pharma controlled. But Dr Packer published a very interesting blog on Medpage Today on 18th April, that deserves to be read widely.

Read Milton Packer MD’s full blog: It’s Official! Curing Patients is Bad for Business

Dr Packer’s take-homes

  • Most drug development of late has focused on cancer and rare diseases because these are the main two areas that can tolerate exorbitant pricing, sometimes in excess of $1 million per treatment
  • The burden of these costs, that pay for treatments for a few, impact the majority (who don’t have cancer or rare diseases) who then have to put up with second-rate, cheaper healthcare services and drugs
  • Drug companies are avoiding developing drugs that work well especially if they provide one-off cures because they will lose on-going revenue.
  • Biotech companies innovating in the field of healthcare are struggling to get investment if their products are too effective (even with sky-high pricing) and provide an actual cure for disease.

The final words in Dr Packer’s blog say it all:

“When the most important investment banking enterprise in the world wonders whether it is a good idea to support companies that want to develop cures, we truly have reached rock bottom.

What is next for health care? We always knew that prolonging life was expensive. Now it seems that curing people isn’t profitable enough.

Want to make money? Develop drugs that cure nothing, but yet promote long-term use and dependency, and shorten life. Bankers and payers will love it.

Oops! I forgot. We have those drugs already. They’re called opiates.”

What now, then?

Let’s not leave it in the hands of the mainstream healthcare system. When a doctor with Milton Packer’s background and pedigree says there’s a problem relying on the drugs mainstream healthcare provides – there’s no doubt that a big problem is afoot.

Take things into your own hands – become empowered, fully informed and take the natural route as far as it will take you. For most of the common diseases today – that’s all you’ll ever need. Not that you’ll hear that from the mainstream healthcare (pay and deliver) system.

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  1. I’m a retired pharmacist. For some years I worked at a pharmacy. When people asked me what I did in my job I used to reply that I sold side effects. They laughed because they thought that I was joking but I wasn’t.

  2. I believe this is not only systemic to our society but also to the predicates of our consciousness, such that we are invested and identified in a fear defined sense of self and life and as such at war with self and life in protection of false profits against healing.
    The idea that reasoned argument backed by moral indignation will change very much is naive at best. But extending true witness is of a different order. Truth is never a weapon in a war of wills, so much as an illumination of the choices being made, such that choice is revealed that otherwise a false framing conceals. Truth is also a light that communicates to a recognition in like kind. When health shines into a sick mind, it remembers health and aligns naturally – unless fear blocks the movement. Fear of loss of profits, reputation, power – all work to maintain conditions of darkness, such as to enable NOT knowing what they do. We cannot make another waken to their true responsibilities, but we can accept and live our own and thus be the conditions in which they do not find reinforcement for their mask – and so become aware of the cost it exacts from them.
    In truth, everything we give is unto our self – but in this world the ‘self-illusion’ operates the belief you can get from others expense and get rid of guilt or consequence onto ‘others’ or in corporate terms ‘outsource’ toxic debts, pains and lies.
    Bubble realities can be experienced as real, in their moment, but “get now, pay later!” is the devil’s bargain. However, the deceiver is not empowered to alter truth, but only to mask or cover over it in conflict and diversion. False power and protection, renders powerless and dependent – indeed captive in thought, feeling and biological reinforcement.
    A ‘Medical Mafia’ operates with impunity as part of a broad spectrum dominance of alignment in power over an accepted powerlessness. Awakening responsibility for our own consciousness is not unlike ‘taking up our bed and walking out of the mind of sickness’. In this sense health is a decision we accept in truly shared purpose – and the shift in awareness is followed by appropriate practical steps that embody and align in wholeness of being. How can this be? I ask you to look at the insanity running in our world and asking the same of it. Until we recognize ‘sick thinking’ it runs us unawares.

  3. “… drugs that cure nothing, but yet promote long-term use and dependency, and shorten life.
    Oops! I forgot. We have those drugs already. They’re called opiates.”

    Opiates? They’re called “vaccines”, and “food additives”.

  4. I avoid taking drugs, I am in my seventies take none except a small amount thyroxin for my underactive thyroid, but I have been taking vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 for thirty years.
    I am in my seventies, still work 6 days a week in my business, exercise every morning, eat organic food, no fast food ever, have had no cold or flu for many years, and have declined any vaccines offered to me.
    I firmly believe in prevention of ill-health as very often there is no cure anyway.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Isolde, You are a testament to what we advocate here at ANH-Intl, keep up your own good work and for supporting us.
      With kind regards

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