Revised Food4Health guidelines to be launched at CAMexpo

We’re looking forward to meeting practitioners at Camexpo in London this weekend: Saturday 12th and Sunday 25th September. Do please come and visit the ANH team, and meet the new team members, on Stand 1925. We have lots of brand new practitioner materials to give away, including our hot-off-the-press, updated and completely remodelled adult and kids healthy eating food plates, our energy pathways poster, and our new practitioner leaflet.


Revised Food4Health guidelines to be launched at CAMexpo


Download our new information leaflets

About ANH leaflet

Practitioner leaflet

Food and You leaflet


ANH-Intl Camexpo talks

Robert Verkerk PhD will be giving 2 talks:

Saturday September 24th from 12.00 – 12.30 pm in the Nutrition Theatre: How baseline and ongoing assessments can transform your practice, whatever your modality

Sunday September 25th from 11.15 – 11.45 am in the Nutrition Theatre: Fast-tracking homeostasis with food, physical activity and complex multi-nutrient nutritional formulas

Meleni Aldridge and Robert Verkerk will also be running a business clinic, be sure not to miss it!

Sunday September 25th from 2.00 – 2.45 pm: Expanding your toolbox to protect your future and leverage your business


ANH Survey: ‘Who’s in the driving seat of your health’?

This survey is now closed. Our thanks go to those who participated.

Taking responsibility for our own health


 Has the EU threat to vitamin and mineral levels now been reduced?

The situation with regard to the EU Food Supplements Directive setting of maximum permitted levels (MPLs) for vitamins and minerals just got a whole lot trickier for them… thanks to the work of TNO Dutch scientists. Their work on the new ground-breaking risk-benefit approach has just been published online in a leading scientific journal. ANH commissioned TNO to develop this more robust approach to determine optimum intakes, that takes benefit into account as well as risk. So will this reduce the threat of  vitamin and mineral MPLs being set at ridiculous low levels, based on now outdated science?..

Could you be over- or under-dosing with vitamins or minerals?

Please let us have your comments and views…


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Have you heard about the new Bite Practitioner Packages?

Bite the Sun is an outreach initiative headed by nutritional and cPNI practitioner Meleni Aldridge linked to ANH-Intl. Bite Practitioner Packages are a very useful adjunct to your practice and can help make your practice more profitable. Go from practitioner to ‘Pro’ by joining a community of professionals with access to tools and evidence-based resources guaranteed to empower your clients way beyond their initial consultation — and help you work smarter! Bite Practitioners (BTs) are not your competition. They’re your partners! As a BT you gain instant access to a practitioner toolkit, extensive resources, and the Bite the Sun team via the Bite Hub, to help you build even greater confidence in your practice. This initiative was launched at the CAM Conference in London in Spring 2016.

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Bite Practitioner Packages

Bite Practitioner Packages prices


Collaborating Practitioner Conferences

We promote conferences here, for our Collaborating Practitioner Associations.


ACNEM conference May 2017

Register for this Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) conference.


PAN African Congress of Integrative Medicine copy

Register for this conference through the South African Society of integrative Medicine (SASIM) website.