Anyone daring to suggest that a vaccine might present a risk, especially to children as the most vulnerable members of our society, are usually shot down in flames. Health authorities have tried their best to continue telling everyone that HPV vaccines (note use of plural as there are three different types available) are safe, despite  ongoing research suggesting otherwise.

A study just released by a World Health Organization (WHO) monitoring centre in Sweden shows that adverse event reports received from national authorities — and these will represent only a fraction of those actually experienced — show a tendency to produce clusters of serious adverse events that include complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) that exceeds any other vaccine.

GMO vaccine released a decade ago

The genetically engineered vaccine, first introduced for mass vaccination around 10 years ago, has been delivered to around 80 million girls, women and, in some countries, boys.

By August 2014 58 countries had introduced the vaccine into their immunisation schedules. According to the WHO, 80% of all cases of cervical cancer are linked to HPV, the key justification for giving the vaccine to young girls, occur in developing countries and are linked to sexual encounters at very young ages.

Concerns around the safety of the vaccine began to arise in 2013 with reports of CRPS in Japan, POTS in Denmark and CFS in Holland.

This study, which explores global reporting patterns of Adverse Reactions (AEs) for HPV vaccines shows that these different types of effects are often clustered, i.e. they are more likely to occur together, and so are likely related.

The science bit

The study looked at case safety reports for HPV Vaccine in VigiBase, the WHO International database of suspected adverse drug reactions. Reports are received from pharmacovigilance centres in 124 countries who participate in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring up to 1st January 2015. Cases including at least 2 reporting terms were included in the study.

Analysis of data revealed a large number of reports with a pattern of AEs including headache, dizziness, fatigue and syncope (temporary loss of consciousness). Reporting of AEs has taken place since the introduction of the vaccine and increased substantially in 2013 and 2014.

Figure 1. Timeline displaying the number of case reports (per year and by country of origin) that were included in the four clusters. Source: Chandler et al. Drug Saf (2017) 40:81–90.

Researchers used cluster analysis to look at 39,953 HPV safety reports from VigiBase, which were used in the Study. The reports were sorted into 4,116 clusters with 54 clusters containing 5 or more AE reports. The four largest clusters included 71% (28,502) of the safety reports analysed, which reported AE’s included on the product label. On average the reports in these clusters only included a few AE terms (3-4), which were generally classified as non-serious.

Review of the smaller clusters included cases related to conditions such as cervical dysplasia (precancerous condition of the cervix), mononucleosis (high fever, swollen lymph glands, and a sore throat) and systemic lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease).

Four smaller clusters were found to include terms related to ongoing safety concerns. The most commonly reported AE’s were headache, dizziness, fatigue and syncope. In more than 50% of the reports 3 out of the 4 most common AE’s were reported. Compared with overall HPV reporting, these clusters included a higher proportion of serious cases (44-89% compared to 24%). Three of these smaller clusters contained a significant proportion of reports relating to POTS (58% – 61/106), CRPS (20% – 15/76) and CFS (37% – 32/87), although these terms were only reported in a small proportion of the total cases included (15% of 694 reports).

Figure 2. Diagram of the four largest clusters and the four smaller clusters of interest. Source: Chandler et al. Drug Saf (2017) 40:81–90.

Further analysis found consistency between the clusters in terms of less commonly reported AEs (such as nausea, muscular weakness, disturbances in attention), diagnostic procedure terms and impact on life including impairment to daily activities, reduction in quality of life and being bedridden. The majority of the cases (77.5% of 694) included in these four clusters were considered relevant to ongoing safety concerns around this vaccine.

The study was limited by the lack of information included in many of the reports in VigiBase, making it difficult to decide on clinical relevancy of reports.

The reported AE’s in the clusters were found to be very similar to others described in a number of other safety signals for the HPV vaccines from The Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, US, Mexico and Italy. Commonly reported AEs included fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea and musculoskeletal discomfort. More serious conditions such as CRPS and POTS and paraesthesia were also found. The number of cases showing similar patterns of AEs across a variety of geographical regions add weight to the overall concerns around the safety of these particular vaccines.

No cause and effect?

As would be expected, the study’s authors comment that the AEs in VigiBase would represent underreporting and there would likely be both undiagnosed and unreported cases of AEs that have not found their way to national authorities and so into VigiBase.

Many studies to date have looked at specific terms in relation to AEs following vaccination with the HPV vaccine, but they did not consider co-reported events in the way this study has.

The cluster analysis used in this study has revealed AEs reported following HPV vaccination that are serious and which overlap in signs and symptoms to recent safety signals for POTS, CRPS and CFS, but that haven’t been diagnosed as such.

The pro-vaccine lobby will almost certainly celebrate the author’s statements that the study does not establish any proven causal association between these AEs and HPV vaccination. That is of course no surprise, as it’s merely a cluster analysis of reported AEs and so was not of a design that could establish a cause and effect relationship. Given the nature of the reports, it’s almost inconceivable that most of the nearly 40,000 cases received weren’t related to the vaccines.

This study makes it ever harder for vaccine makers, health authorities, doctors or other health professionals to claim the “safety” of the vaccines – without any qualification. The fact is, serious adverse effects are a real possibility and they may result in weeks, months, years or potentially even permanent effects that can dramatically alter a person’s quality of life.

What should we do now?

We uphold the following:

Health authorities and professionals who vaccinate have a moral if not legal duty to make parents, carers and children fully aware of these known risks, appreciating that known adverse events almost certainly represent only a fraction of those because of lack of adequate diagnosis and under-reporting.

It is also imperative that parents, carers and children are given advice as to what other options are available to minimize the risk of HPV transmission, this centrally being related to avoiding unprotected sexual encounters, especially when under the age of 14.

For more information on HPV and other vaccines, go to our Vaccine Choice campaign page.



  1. People should be made aware of any problems with vaccination. The other problem is of course very young children being vaccinated as it does not give their immune system time to develop which will cause a lot more problems in later life.

  2. On the back of the death of a well known celebrity of cervical cancer the vaccine was pushed onto teenage girls via their schools before parents were made aware of any risks. Disgraceful. Every girl I know of who had the vaccine suffered serious side effects. My niece still has facial palsy.

    1. Fortunately I figured out some years ago that vaccination is a dangerous fraud.

      Unfortunately, most parents are still in a propaganda-induced trance in which they feel compelled to submit their babies and children to be poisoned for profit and to be genetically altered.

  3. My daughter received her first Gardasil shot at age 14 wiggle she was battling a significant strep infection. She immediately developed severe fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pain especially in the legs and debilitating anxiety with mood swings. Once a competitive dancer and straight A student she was now bedridden. At age 16 she received her second injection unbeknownst to us. Her previous symptoms worsened and now in addition she had random shocks all over her body. Since these injections she has been unable to work, go to school, drive or dance. She has since been diagnosed with brain inflammation (PANDAS), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), Small Fiber Neuropathy, Adrenal Fatigue, POTS and repeat ovarian cysts. These multi symptom issues are now known as Gardasil Syndrome. My daughter received this vaccine because her doctor told her father that if we don’t allow her to get this vaccine then we would be responsible for her getting cancer. This started at age 14. She will be 20 years old in February and the best years of her life just keep slipping by.

    1. Unfortunately the MSM (fake news) and Big Pharma are able to just keep on lying about vaccine safety. My hair dresser said that one of her clients had a daughter about my kids ages, she is 7, and she asked me what I thought was going on with her client’s little girl. She said that she was a sweet and normal kid, and since December she has these horrible mood swings that had her crying for 2 hours at a time. Then, she insists her clothes are wet, and can’t tollerate the clothes she’s worn for months prior. I told my hair dresser that has all the signs of Vaccine Damage (autism symptoms), and I know because by the time my son was 12 months I realized he had autism and I even knew the jab that caused it. Anyways, I told her to ask her if she received a vaccine in the past 6 months, and she texted back that she didn’t. Then, moments later she sent my hair dresser another text that she received a FLU VACCINE in October! That was the exact timeline when vaccine reactions like that could be witnessed (2 to 12 weeks).

      I looked up a bunch of info on this year”s flu vaccine and sent it to my hairdresser to pass on the info to that client. Unfortunately, she has a little boy, so I’m concerned that he will be autistic since her daughter had a severe neuro reaction and the odds are that her other kids will have issues when vaccinated.

      Anyone that is thinking about a Flu Shot, STOP and LOOK UP WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH FLU VACCINES NOW AND WHAT THEY “APPROVED” WITHOUT ADEQUATE SAFETY TRIALS AND ZERO REAL TRIALS BETWEEN FLU VACCINATED AND NON VACCINATED KIDS (ABSOLUTELY NO SHOT OR PRESERVATIVES GIVEN TO THE NON-VACCINATED GROUP! The CDC and Big Pharma have locked arms and refuse to do any legitimate safety studies on the vaccines given to adults, let alone babies or kids!

      They recently added Squalene (an additive that they admit caused the Gulf War Syndrome)! We know the side effects suffered by Gulf War vets include MOOD CHANGES , NEUROPSYCHIATRIC problems

      I pray that the mother takes my information and stops believing her doctor cares about her children. He is just out to get his bonus and refuses to do any research like moms with vaccine injured children have been forced to do! If she takes her daughter back to that idiot then he will convince her that it’s not the vaccine, and then she continues to vaccinate her girl and boy and they are damaged far worse than they are now.

      I’m an engineer, and I’ve had more science classes than a family doctor. I’ve done the research, and every mom’s vaccination story that I come accross. These are not coincidences! When these horrible reactions and health problems follow within weeks of a vaccination, then Doctor should be seeing that their is a problem. They are not going to rock the boat and demand to see the studies (that are rigged) and the studies that are independent and performed correctly.

      When a 7 yr old girl develops AUTISM AFTER A VACCINE, what more proof do you need that Vaccines cause Autism. Our new doctor even went so far as to admit that ALL autism cases are caused by vaccines. He’s not the only doctor, although there are few out there, you can find many that will say the same. In the 1970s they had Autism classified under a vaccine reaction category!

  4. My daughter had this vaccine in 2012 at 14 she is now 19 and is chronically sick she never made it back to school for an education was to sick and in severe pain threw out her body . She spent a month in a rehabilitation unit her body seized up . They still deny a problem with this vaccine .
    The truth will come out

  5. Have a look at DNRS as a possible path for recovery. This is just a terrible result for your daughter. By the way. DNRS is Dynamic Neural Retraining System.

  6. I recently watched all of Vaccines Revealed and they interviewed Dr Daniel Pompa who has successfully de-toxed himself (from mercury poisoning) and his adopted son who was autistic. He has a book you can download for free. I don’t know if it will work for girls who’ve had th HPV vaccine but maybe worth trying. So heart breaking hearing all these stories.

  7. HPV vaccines are also the most expensive respectively most lucrative vaccines ever. So a cynic’s observation could be that one gets what one pays for, even if in the case of HPV vaccines it’s just illness, disorders, disabilities or death.

    The maiming and killing will only stop when all parents wake up to the fact that vaccines are of no benefit, but only cause.

  8. My daughter has suffered POTS, has Lupus antibodies and has antiphospholipid syndrome after having the gardisil vaccine . It has ruined her teenage years.

    1. Having known your beautifull daughter since a babe in arms, as the bright, vibrant young lady who loves life, it gives me both sadness and anger reading your report. Not anger to you, but the medical profession Can this be reversed? Her father has the ability to make this public

  9. Verschrikkelijk! Deze farmareuzen vernietigen onze kinderen en bij die verschijnselen waaronder neurotische aanvallen, autisme enz willen ze dat mensen hulp gaan zoeken bij een specialist die ook meewerkt daaraan!
    Kortom: Een grote massa gifkliniek!
    Ook de chemtrails werken daaraan mee om mensen te vergiftigen dus mensen: let op en gebruik je gezonde verstand!

    1. The vaccine is actually being given to boys in both Australia and Austria already, there are discussions ongoing in a variety of places around extending the vaccine to boys also, so yes, watch this space!

      Warm Regards

  10. In the US the advertising for both girls and boys is prevelant. Both of my children have asked me if they will get cancer if they don’t receive the vaccine. I’ve discussed with them that there are studies that thie vaccine is unsafe and that I was not going to have them get it. What should we tell our children? They need to be informed as much as parents. It is their bodies.

    1. Before I knew better, I had the vaccine administered in my 20’s. I did have some serious adverse reactions which forced me to take 3 months of sickl leave from work (and life) and left me debilitated and bedridden. Although my reactions were not permanent (lasting a few months) they were not minor and who knows what residual effects I have been experiencing over the years since my detox. I believe a fully developed adult may be more equipped to fight off the toxins which make up the vaccine which is possibly why my symptoms weren’t as severe as some of the young and teenager girls / boys mentioned above. Also, while I cannot be sure, it seems strange that my roommate at the time who also received the vaccine was diagnosed with lupus not too long after the last injection and also developed endometriosis while we were living together.

      If your kids are curious, help them to learn how to research for unbiased studies and information regarding this (and all medical related subjects which affect them). It is always better to er on the side of caution and educate oneself to the potential benefits and risks of introducing a toxin / poison / vaccine / pharmaceutical etc into one’s body. Make sure to scroll down to the very bottom of any article or scientific study to ensure that the writer or scientists were not paid by the company whose product they are reviewing (this makes their results and opinions biased). Look for independent studies. Look for studies that were conducted over more than 24 months (5~15 years is even better) if possible so that longterm effects can be seen.

      Know that the liklihood of contracting cancer without a vaccine is not high. Know that the prevalence of cancer has increased dramatically in the past 30 years in comparison to our parent’s and grand parent’s generatuons. The more research you do the better you will be equipped to make a thorough decision.

      Be aware that any company (pharmaceutical / drug / food / beverage etc) that wants to make a profit is capable of skewing the scientific research results to “prove” their product is effective and harmless. The burden of proof is not on their shoulders (they are protected and subsidised by the very government agencies who are supposed to be monitoring and regulating their activities). The burden of proof is not on the shoulders of the doctor’s as they can hide behind the studies which were funded by the pharmaceutical companies and can absolve themselves of any moral integrity by saying that they didn’t know it was harmful. If you truly wish to protect your family, take the responsibility to prove the necessity of introducing any foreign substance into your ( or your child’s) body upon yourself. Think. Did you get the vaccine when you were young? Do you have cervical cancer? Did your mother get it? Does she have cervical cancer? How about your great grandmothers?

      Many of these large companies use fear of the unknown to encourage those who don’t know any better (Like myself in my 20’s) to purchase their products no matter the cost to your quality of life and even though their product likely causes more harm than good. They have no social conscience or ethical / moral imperatives. They have lots of lawyers who can spin their lies into plausible sounding truths and suppress bad publicity. They have shareholders who demand increased profits at every quarterly review so their goal is to profit from the willfully naive.

      Trust your gut, do as much unbiased research as possible and protect your family.

      Best wishes to you all.

  11. My 15 year old, extremely active, competitive dancer daughter fell ill in August 2015, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headaches weeks after her 3rd Guardasil shot. After the 1st two shots she complained of headaches but never put 2 and 2 together. Several ER visits several hospital stays, more issues, fatigue, trouble waking, ptosis, high blood pressure, high heart rate, losing weight despite decent appetite, hiccups, severe itching where nothing alleviates, choking, sleep problems. Trouble feeding herself, she was incorrectly diagnosed several times at the hospital. CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, diagnosed with pheochromocytoma,, surgery done in Jan 2016 to remove left Andrenal. No pheo but pathogy report said it was adrenal medullary hyperplasia. Had full genetic testing done as well, no genetic component to this. I have asked several drs how she got this, no one can give me an answer. I am convinced it was due to her HPV vaccine. She has recovered after about 7 month from onset but now I am being asked by school to get her meningitis vaccine.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Kristin. We’re very sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience it must’ve been a difficult time for you all.

      Warm Regards

  12. I wish I never trusted my daughter’s pediatrician, who told me this vaccine was going to be like the next Polio vaccine. Ever since she received these vaccines, I noticed a difference in her behavior. My sweet, loving girl became someone I barely knew, and isn’t it a coincidence that this started with this vaccine? I sincerely wish I could turn back the clock, because I am convinced the vaccine altered her personality.

    1. Hello Deb

      We’re very sorry to hear how the HPV vaccine has affected your daughter. We’ve heard many stories such as yours and it’s very concerning.

      We wish you and your daughter well.

      Warm Regards
      Melissa Smith

  13. I have twins that received the Gardasil vaccine at the same time. Twin A developed mononucleosis. Both twin A and B developed mild dysplasia and twin B has had headache sometimes migraine 24/7 since shot. I thought I was doing something good for my children. Now we just try to focus on getting better.

    1. Hello Em

      We’re really sorry to hear you’ve had such a negative experience with the Gardasil vaccine. We hear so many stories about health problems following this vaccine, but the health authorities continue to dismiss them. We will continue to campaign on this issue.

      We wish you and the twins well.

      Warm Regards
      Melissa Smith

  14. Once again I had to defend my choice to opt out of this vaccine to my daughter’s new doctor. She even went so far as to say “if i could take a vaccine to keep e from getting cancer I would.” It took everything in me not to tell her then by all means vaccinate yourself! At least my old doctor respected my choice but this crow tried to make me feel like a negligent parent. Thankfully it didn’t work because I know I’m a good parent that has MY child’s best interest at heart. Until children stop suffering after taking this vaccine I will never consent & I’m educating my children in how to make informed decisions for their health. Now I must find another doctor. One that respects a parent’s decision AND isnt bought by big pharm. There was entirely too much paraphernalia about this vaccine all over the place so I was prepared for this b.s.

    1. Well done on standing firm and defending your daughter’s health. We hope you can find a more understanding Dr to support you in future.

      Warm Regards
      Melissa Smith

      1. Well done. I admire you for following your gut and doing what is right for your family. I know I will refuse to vaccinate when I have my own children. They have done nothing more than cause constant illnesses in my life and I wouldn’t wish that suffering upon anyone.

        It certainly is important to align with a medical practitioner who isn’t being bought or bribed by the pharmaceutical industry. Good for you!

        Best wishes!

  15. In 2014 I got the vacine and for a couple of weeks nothing was going wrong but after the two weeks I started getting dizzy and breathes if I sat up, stood up or walked a few months of this and it continued to get worse I went to the doctor who told me my heart was too fast after several tests and poking and prodding I was told I have pots syndrome and started on medication. The sad thing is that before that injection the only time I was in hospital was for a broken finger. I was never sick before and never got a cold, now I’m played with dizzy spells and I get sick more. I am all for a vacine that helps but this is hurendos I mean two people in the room I was fainted from it they had mats on the floor for them and another 2 or 3 were vomiting.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Nikki. We’re sorry you’ve so badly affected. It’s stories like yours that keep us doing what we’re doing to make people aware that vaccines are not as safe as they’re made out to be.

      We wish you well.

      Warm Regards

  16. Im Worried i have made a mistake with my daughter just receiving the first shot last week. We did read up on the information. But focused on the fact sites and not people. She is doing ok, but I am very worried i may have just voluntarily harmed my sweet girl. We will not get the second shot, and I pray she will still be the normal baby I have always had. I wish I read parents posts instead of just ignoring them.

    1. Hello Amber, part of the problem is that a lot of the adverse reports are not being accepted by the health authorities so problems with the vaccine are being masked and not shown not included in ‘official’ information.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We hope your daughter continues to be well. Please share our message so other parents can make an informed decision about whether or not to consent to this vaccine for their children and consider signing our petition if you haven’t already.

      Warm Regards

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